Friday, October 2, 2009

Earth Vegan Shoes

Not exactly veg cooking topic, but I realize many people are looking for a good online source for cruelty free shoes. How do you know which ones are reliable? How do non-leather shoes hold up under wear and tear?

I have to say, durability has been a problem for me and my hubby, but we're both pretty hard on shoes. I have a pair of Vegetarian Shoes (brand) that have held up well. He pretty much lives in Bogs these days.

Kalso (Earth) shoe makes a great vegan friendly shoe, along with the other kind. They are a tad pricey but I cannot endorse them highly enough. They are wonderful even if it takes a little getting used to the negative heel.

Wal Mart and other places are carrying those plastic clog sort of shoes but so far I've only seen women's shoes in plastic at Wally World.

So Where To Find Earth Vegan Shoes?

They're a bit pricey, but they have lots of styles and they've been very helpful when my partner or I have called to ask questions about something we were interested in.

Cosmos Vegan Shoppe
This one can be more reasonably priced, especially with sale items and coupons, and I've only had good experiences with them.

Bogs Footwear
Some of their styles use leather, and they don't advertise that they are cruelty free, so I'm not sure about glue, etc., but they make lots of kinds of walking shoes that don't use any leather. They have great sales/discounts and their shoes hold up really well.

Vegan Essentials
I recently got some shoes at that I like very much and which I think were reasonably priced. I find to be a good source for a number of products. I keep trying new things from there and am usually pleased.

Believe it or not, one of the best, most convenient and cheapest stores I've found is Payless Shoes. The website is really good at giving the components of the shoes and they have online ordering.

I think they probably have the most affordable earth vegan shoes online! You wont believe how adorable some of their shoes are now, and they look great. They have a great designer Abayete working with them, as well as some more of there other designs, are really cute and really inexpensive.

Some of the things I really like about them:

Stylish, affordable shoes: good prices, especially when they have their Buy One Get One-Half off Second Pair. Lots of other sales. If you Google “Payless+coupon” many times you can find a coupon code for some extra money off total sale. I was absolutely DELIGHTED last year to be able to buy 4 pairs of very stylish boots for UNDER $100, with tax. They all held up very well under winter weather.

Shipping charges: you can have them shipped to the store at no charge, or... orders over $50 shipped to you free.

Sizes: they seem (so far for me) to run consistently. With them I'm always the same shoe size regardless of brand.

They also have a foot size finder that you can print out and use to find your correct size. I just got some great heeled gray boots, some black flat boots and several pairs of cheap! All of the ones I have looked at and ordered have been earth vegan shoes, but make sure you double check on "materials" before you order.

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