Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tortilla Pizzas - Vegetarian Recipe

Believe me kids eat this right up. Me too! It's not only fast, east and tasty but it's very low cost.

Vegetarian Tortilla Pizzas

 1   can (15 oz) of rinsed and drained black beans or refried beans (place beans in bowl and heat in microwave)
 4   8-inch flour tortillas
 1 1/4 cups shredded jack cheese or a vegan cheese that grates and melts
 3   medium tomatoes thinly sliced
garnish with chopped cilantro

Rub a little oil over skillet and heat on medium high.  Spray tortilla on both sides with cooking spray.

Grill one side, when browned remove from pan and cover the grilled side of tortilla with a layer of warm beans and sprinkle cheese over it and place tortilla back in skillet on the ungrilled bottom side.

Heat for 4-5 minutes. When crispy and browned slid tortilla onto dinner plate and top with tomato and cilantro. Do this with the other 3 tortillas.

Serves 4.

*Note- you can garnish with all the toppings for tostadas.  I usually add onions, avocado  and olives.  I also have 2 skillets going at the same time.

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