Thursday, September 24, 2009

Diets For Vegetarians: The Healthiest Ways To Loose Weight

So you are a vegetarian. You don't eat red meat, chicken, fish or seafood. You eat lots of vegetables. Yet, somehow you are overweight and that stubborn belly fat doesn't go away!

If that's your case and you're interested in diets for vegetarians, it can be hard to find one that fits this criteria. Let's examine one of the most common causes of weight problems with vegetarians: we are always hungry!

Beans And Vegetable Oils: The Best Diets For Vegetarians

When I became a vegetarian I did it the slow and easy way. First I eliminated heavy meats (beef, pork, lamb etc) for 30 days then the lite meats (chicken, turkey,) for 20 days and lastly the fish went.

I found that after eliminating the heavier meats I was sometimes hungrier than I felt I should be considering the amount I ate.

One tip is to add complex carbohydrates like beans and vegetable oil to your diet so you are not hungry 2 hours after eating vegetables.

Experiments were done at a weight reducing clinic where a test group of clients ate a teaspoon of vegetable oil with breakfast, lunch & dinner. Results astonished everyone, since they ultimately ate less food overall, felt less tempted to cheat between meals, and lost weight faster than the other clients.

Vegetable oil serves as fuel. I've been vegetarian for years, and have learned to incorporate many kinds of oils into my diet, especially high quality extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, toasted sesame and regular sesame oil. There are many on the market flavored with garlic, herbs, pepper, etc. that add a lot of flavor to vegetables.

Another vegetarian friend told me to put full fat sour cream on the veggies and drink a bit of cream at lunch and use more oil/margarine in cooking etc. By a bit I mean about 1/4 of a cup. I did that for a couple of weeks and found it made a huge difference. I then eliminated the cream but still like a nice dab of sour cream on the veggies.

Eventually I quit using butter on vegetables (even mashed potatoes!) years ago since the oils taste much "cleaner" to me.

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