Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

Many people tend to equate vegetarianism with a healthy lifestyle, which can be very far from the truth. We all know of vegetarians who have several so called vices like candy and chocolate, live on junk food and are quite overweight.

Obviously if you are a vegetarian, eating vegetables is not a problem. The main problem with many people, however, is that if they don't eat meat, they feel hungry like 30 minutes later. That's when most people turn to candy, chocolates and other junk food. Whats up with that? Is there any vegetarian weight loss diet we can follow?

The "6 Meal" Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

A friend went to a nutritionist who had her eat 6 small meals a day measured this way:
  • meal 1 - enough food to fit in one fist
  • meal 2 - food to fill half a fist
  • meal 3 - whole fist
  • meal 4 - half fist
  • meal 5 - whole fist
  • meal 6 - half fist

And keep alternating. Each meal had to include some kind of beans and vegetables. The larger meals had to include some form of protein, whether it was egg, tofu or nuts. Also allowed are whole grains, oatmeal, ezekiel bread, wheat bread, hot cereals like cream of rice. She claims she was never hungry following this vegetarian weight loss diet, and even had to force herself to eat sometimes to get the 6 meals in.

She lost about 25 pounds in less than a month. It was amazing to see.

The Low Carb Vegetarian Diet – a.k.a the “Eco Atkins Diet”

The reason the Atkins diet was success for a lot of people was because of the fat content. Fat will make you a lot less hungry. These diets are also effective because they reduce blood sugar and insulin production, and enable you to use your stored fat to produce energy.

Most vegetarians keep away form the Atkins diet because of the high animal protein consumption. Luckily, researchers have developed a vegetarian version of the diet, called “Eco-Atkins Diet”. In this healthier version the fat can come from oils, dairy as in full fat sour cream, cream, and cheese. The protein comes from vegetable protein like soy.

This is the best probably the best vegetarian weight loss diet option. If you would like to learn more about it, read the post Low Carb Vegetarian Diet. Also, make sure to read the post “Diets For Vegetarians” for more tips on how to loose weight the healthy way.

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